Business Field

  • 異形押出全般

    Profile Extrusion Machinery

    We specialize in dual- and triple-color extrusion of all resin types (including engineering plastics) for a wide range of applications.

  • 雑貨品部材

    Miscellaneous Materials

    We produce materials such as calendar holders, pop holders, binders, and poster clips.
    We specialize in PET and PP moldings.
    We also offer dual-color moldings with elastomers and other materials.

  • 建築部材

    Construction Materials

    We supply major residential housing manufacturers with sliding door and window frame components, baseboards for cabling, earthquake-resistant materials, roofing materials, and bathroom moldings.
    We specialize in Celuka or inward foaming.

  • 鋼製家具?自動車部材

    Steel Furniture and Auto Parts

    We supply leading furniture manufacturers with components for office desks, chairs, tables, counters, partitions, and storage solutions. We also supply major auto makers with materials for interior fitting and exterior car parts such as step bars.

  • エコパイプ LED PC カバー

    LED PC Eco-Pipe Cover

    We produce eco-friendly pipes made with old rice;
    PC pipes for LED units;
    and contoured pipe products made from recycled PET bottles.

  • リケンテープ


    RIKEN TAPE is a T-die extrusion molded thin PVC tape that boasts superior transparency, sturdiness, moisture resistance, and self adhesion properties.
    RIKEN TAPE is aesthetically attractive and easy to apply. It allows easy distinction of package contents.

  • 軟質PVC Tダイシート?クリスタルシャッターシート

    Flexible PVC T-die Sheets and Crystal Roller Shutters

    Transparent PVC door shutters provide an effective, inexpensive and flexible solution for partitioning off work areas, creating a more pleasant working environment in combination with waterproof sheeting. PVC door shutters are highly transparent and blocks elements, effectively shielding against wind, dust, insects, and noise.

  • 射出製品

    Injection-Molded Products

    We can collaborate with subcontract manufacturers to create products that fit a range of specific extruded products.

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